Job is better than freedom

It’s great to be able to return to your sixth-form college and meet with teachers who still have knowledge to impart and not just do small-talk. I came back to do a presentation about music (packaging you and your art, basically) and perform. I was astounded to see how much they’ve physically changed in six years. Everyone had gone grey or greyer in the 6 years, and in the case of their children, now teenagers. Stages of rapid aging – child to teenager, man to old man, triggered depending how lucky you are. If you met someone at 28 I doubt s/he’ll change much at 34. Meet someone at 50…

I mentioned my very lucky ex-collegemate who has an all expenses paid education, from IB to PhD – who is attached to a very long bond afterward. But with so many ‘free’ grads in unemployment or not great jobs, a secure job that makes appropriate use of your knowledge is the way to go. “A job is better than freedom,” I said.  “Those are words of wisdom,” my teacher replied. “That’s not what they sang about in the 60s.”

He must think how sad my generation is.


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