Lovebox One

Duran Duran was the main reason I was at Lovebox, and had a great time. I really like gigs where there’re lots of people, but no crushing. NERD were pretty good – great musicianship though I do find their songs a bit all over the place -and they invited people onstage to dance with them. Initially it was pretty fun to watch but for the final song which was She Wants to Move – brilliant! – they invited a whole posse of girls to come onstage and it was hell for a few minutes and girls scrambled around me to get onstage. The good part was that it got people out and I could secure a good spot to see Duran Duran. I think they were eager not be a hits jukebox – and I respect their choice of choosing new songs – but not sure about their selection of back catalogue. I mean, I’m a big fan and I know the songs and certainly didn’t mind, but seeing it from the point of view of a semi-fan who knows mainly the hits, The Reflex and Hungry Like a Wolf  or even Too Much Information would have been better choices than Skin Trade or Election Day. Their new songs sound really cool and updated, though somehow it sounds like trying to hip-up and un-hip song at parts.

But yeah, the crowd, initially there was a bit of squeezing, but it spaced out during the set, more space to jump and dance and have fun. There were older people there as well – some with kids – so they were having civilised fun without annoying other people. Maybe I did. Heheh. Duran Duran is no longer the sort of band teenagers swoon over – Simon Le Bon is 51! – and me screaming “Nick!” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. In fact in between songs I can’t believe how quiet people are. And everybodywas just expecting an encore rather than clamouring for one!

It’s great to see them at a festival setting. Last time I saw them was in 2003 in Singapore. That was deffo one of the best gigs I’ve been to as I’ve waited 10 years – so lucky they came to Singapore again as the previous time they played I was too young and was taken to see Mickey Mouse on Ice instead. Was really miffed. But I more than made up for it! And now I’ve seen them in London too – when I was a kid listening to them every day I wouldn’t have thought I’ll see them in London. They sounded slicker, bigger and newer yesterday, but of course it was missing the spark that’s only possible in a smaller venue.

Today I’m off to Lovebox Day 2 to see Doves. Will it be as great as the last time I saw them, in Glastonbury 2003? Mainly because there was space to dance and have fun!


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