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I Will Teach You To Be Rich

… says a guy called Ramit. Well, I think he is rich since he co-founded PBWiki.

On a rare occasion does junk mail incite interest – Midnight Express is like takeaway home delivery… for alcohol and cigarettes. What a bloody great idea. I’ve not seen that before. Maybe I’ve been living a sheltered life !


Singapore National Day… and get rich slowly…in music?

Really enjoyed watching the Singapore National Day Parade online. It’s better than ever and the music direction is not as cheesy. It looked Kraftwerky at one point. Seems like they are taking onboard lots (more) of inspiration from overseas but of course with a Singaporean twist. I’m seriously contemplating going back. I know I’ll move back at some point, but now, probably sooner than I expect. They are taking arts more seriously and now that I have experience and buy-in from people here I can see myself taking forward a music/performing career there.

For the first half of the show, half of my screen was the parade and the other half were posts on investing and an explanation on quatitative easing. Another blog I follow sometimes is Get Rich Slowly. Blogs like these can get quite addictive especially if written by good bloggers. I’m saving, paying down a debt from my “record label” (you can say all I got was a bunch of recordings, but that’s something to give the grandchildren), paying into a pension, investing a tiny little bit… but amongst all this order I feel that my life could be more exciting, and more aligned to what I truly am. [And, of course, the majority of people would agree with this re: themselves]. I’m not young forever, and children are looming closer. At the same time, I’m not prepared to lose the stability I have achieved in the past year.

And a big problem with me is that I can’t seem to equate music with making money. Maybe it’s because of very early conditioning – I remember, as a child,  my mother telling off my brother for being a musician because “it doesn’t pay”. Of course it does when done right – look at Beyonce! – and there are plenty of people who make money out of music in various ways. But I’ve always found that I shell out. I’ve made money out of it a few times, but never as much as what I spend on it. And I came to see at one point, that the people making money in music are not the musicians but guitar shops, rehearsal rooms, recording studios, even promoters – all in on the ‘dream’.

I do know a bunch of very lovely guys who are making a decent living off music. They play weddings and corporate events, as well as original stuff in the guise of another band. Absolutely superb musicians. One of them is a maths graduate and does their books. How convenient!

I should look into getting an income stream from music. Somehow. I want to sing happy 90s dance hits to happily drunk people and get paid for it. Just need to get some backing tracks and a monkey on a piano (or a cat!) and we’re off!

By the way my brother Malex is still performing and has released a couple of albums which are cult successes back in Singapore. He does have a day job, but he is still staying true to his passion! Check him out, he’s the one with the blue guitar.