Lifelogging – I see what you see, he sees, she sees

I read in a blog, “A firm in the United Kingdom is about to roll out a camera that people wear around their necks and which captures an image every 30 seconds, all day long.”

Crazy! Have a look at the camera on New Scientist. People are posting enough photos already on Facebook – do we really need to see a picture of them experiencing the joys of a toilet or someone’s back while doing something, erm, private? CCTV ain’t enough – let’s have people walking around with permanently-on cameras on them! Now even big mama is watching you!

I’m sure this device will be useful in some cases, and certainly be attractive to the exhibitionists among us. Lifelogging. Well, as you can see it’s not really anything new. But it’ll probably get more popular the more accessible, unobstrusive and hassle-free it is to do it.

Will the people of the future be forced to be an honest bunch? Since there are now already many ways to ‘catch someone out’. Like someone playing a game on Facebook or posting on Twitter when they are supposed to be in bed/work. You can track someone on Google Latitude. Our actions esp online are logged without us even thinking. Email trails, smses and what not. You used to be able to burn a letter. Now one even can retrieve smth deleted from a broken hard drive. To answer my own question – maybe people won’t be more honest but more likely to be revealed as liars. So have people become more forgiving?

There are always good and bad uses of technology, and some people are more ‘free’ about expressing themselves than others. Good for them. But:  Always sign out of email. Set the right privacy settings. Use different passwords. Be anonymous if that floats your boat.

Would/n’t it suck if someone sabotaged your lifelog, did things you didn’t do, and leave your descendants to find out? I think even if it was smth pretty exciting and good you’ll feel a pang of betrayal. Well, history books don’t always get it right either. Though I think people trust pictures more than words, and a lifelog is a first person thing… you can do a lot of damage.

Thoughts: archive, storage, hoarding, a civilization stored in a very sensitive data format? A message carved in stone has more chance of survival than a file on a usb stick.


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