Trend 2010… and Google’s real time search

Somehow had the urge to research the future. Looked through Richard Watson’s site – Trend Blend 2010 is not up yet it seems. Imagine earning a living as a futurist. Dreaming all day. Also ended up on Trendhunter, with an E!News-esque showpiece about the top 20 trends in 2010.  Cue pop-up tailing, next besting and life swapping. Some of it is already happening though – “trends” is partly an extension of what’s happened, partly scientific progress and partly what capitalists want it to be.

Fashion-wise, neon and bright 90s hues are making a comeback, which in my young life I’m beginning to notice that trend in itself – for the future, just rewind 20 years. Maybe because people glamorise their childhood memories, what they saw etc and they can’t live it out then, so now that they’re entering legal age they can look like 20 years ago and catch up on “what they’ve missed”. Or maybe it just looks really cool, right now. Granted it’ll always be different the second time round, with different technology, music, even food, to hand. Bring on the “I’M TOO SEXY FOR MY SHIRT” T-shirts!

In the nearer future… Hot search!

Check out a video on Google’s real-time search facility. This is happening over the next few days! Awe galore.


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