Side-businesses – just go for it!

It’s great to listen to an interview on I Will Teach You To be Rich,  by an entrepreneur with a full-time job (at Twitter!). Elizabeth gets to indulge and earn an income from her hobby, which is letterpressing.

The main point I’ve learned is that when starting out,  there is no point fussing over creating a website, or even a business card. They are just barriers to entry. You are better off using free, cheap and existing tools to help you get off the ground – for instance, using cloud computing tools like Zoho to manage customers and having a seller profile on or eBay. She’s been going for 4 years and only just launching her website!

It’s better to get practice on selling your product rather than creating a multi-page business plan right from the start. Her way of progressing is to meet the needs of the next challenge she encounters, rather than dreaming up of every eventual possibility, finding it all too much, and giving up a full-time job. This is a good method for side-businesses as it reduces the tendency to stall and procrastinate.

Thanks for the tips, Elizabeth from Paperwheel!


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