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Jazzanova Jazz Cafe

Really nice gig. Jazzanova had a really good turnout; decidedly mature audience. During the first two songs I did think ‘Hmm, may be nicer to listen to this at home’. But it got better when they played stuff like No Use and Days to Come. I prefer it when they’re all syncopated beats and electronic and mushrooming sevens and strange chord progressions. It’s all about the 7s, heheh. A few songs sound a bit dated, like what overseas hire bands would play in Singapore clubs in the 90s, and I don’t think I rate their latest single from their latest album too much, as I found it too mainstream, even cheesy funk at parts. I found the guitarist very cute. He’s got a nice, soft kind look about him. The singer was amazing, he could funk bass AND sing like a mama. He had a cool zebra print towel as well. It was so great right at the end when he interlaced Gypsy Woman with another song they played twice that night with a great bassline which I know but don’t know the name of.

It would have been great to make a whole night of it, have a nice terrace seat upstairs with food and drinks, cool disco afterward – at least would have warranted the £25 cab fare home.