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Tuk Din at Paddington

Tuk Din on Craven Road near Paddington Station is a pretty good joint for Malay food. Finally a decent Malay food joint in London to write about. It’s in a just nice space between the upmarket (Awana) and downbeat canteen (M’sia Hall). Bonda Cafe, which is nearer to the station, is alright – but Tuk Din has nicer atmosphere, food and professional friendly service for just a touch more money. It could have been a tad dimmer though; the lighting was a bit bright. We had fish curry (very nice, and boneless), beef curry and chicken cooked with garlic which to our surprise was a dry fried dish – but it was nice, crispy and tender anyway. We would definitely eat there again.

No they haven’t paid me in case you’re wondering – I paid them!

View map (this is approximate)

There seems to be an incredible looking Persian restaurant being built a few shops down – would love to check it out when it’s ready!